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Washing off the clothes of my sins at Rameshwar.

We dipped our legs in the cold waters of Rameshwaram sea to start off our soul cleansing process. There was something magical about the water as soon as the water touches the body one does feel light for some reason. As soon as we emptied the bucket on our head for some reason, we felt heavenly.

Right outside our hotel!

Our gypsy was speeding deeper into the jungle. Leaving behind whirls of light brown soil. Everyone was looking around to spot the rare yet famous Tigers of Jim Corbet. I saw something black and yellow on the branch of a tree on the right of our gypsy. The safari though ended with some disappointment. The whole ride was a waste time and money we thought and sat down in the Machan (Tree house) of our hotel for a cup of hot tea. The waiter brought us the tea with some scary news. The news later was horror for us through out the night. This WanderFullTale will take you in to the wild thoughts and not just the jungles.

Flooded gutter and clean Floaters.

Faith in Gajanan Maharaj calls us every year to Shegaon. After taking blessings of Gajanan Maharaj we went to Prachin Mahadev Temple. It was a cloudy afternoon of July, usually a peak rainy season in India. A slight glaze though was visible all around, clearly telling us that it had rained recently. The 15mins journey was through small road parallel to a gutter on one side and brick houses with steel roofs on the other side. By now the wind and heavy showers had started to make thunderous noise of the steel roofs. To add to this the rickshaw was making funny noises from the water entering through slowly flooding gutter and potholes and came to a jerking halt. With no choice we got down the rickshaw and started walking in that dirty and shit smelling water. We were horrified at the thought that we might be smelling the same. But due to the blessings of Gajanan Maharaj something miraculous was about to happen.

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Author- Abhishek Purohit