Mussoorie, Uttarakhand.

Mussoorie, the queen of hills is a tourist’s paradise. Mussoorie and Dehradun the twin hills stations attract tourists with their majestic waterfalls, Garhwal mountain ranges, gardens and tourist markets.

Tourist Attractions in Mussoorie-

  • View Points- Laal tibba (Highest point in Mussoorie), Gun point, Clouds end.
  • Waterfalls- Kempty falls, Jharipani falls, Bhatta falls.
  • Religious places- Jwala Devi Temple, Shedup choepelling temple, Christ church.
  • Mall Raod.

Shopping in Mussoorie-

  • Mall Road- Most famous market in Mussoorie has Pashmina shawls, home decor, woolens, souvenirs etc.
  • Tibetan Market- Arti crafts, hand-woven carpets, jewelry and clothes.
  • Library bazaar/Gandhi chowk- Chinese vases, wooden decorative items, jewelry.

How to Reach Mussoorie-

  • Closest Airport- Jolly Grant, Dehradun which is directly connected only to Delhi & Mumbai airport (60kms- 2hrs approximately)
  • Nearest Railway station- Dehradun (35kms- 1hr approximately)
  • Mussoorie is well connected by road with major cities in North India.

Best time to visit Mussoorie-

  • March to June (Summer)

Wanderer’s Eye Tips-

  • A short climb to Laal Tibba (Highest point in Mussoorie) is must. It takes you a bit away from hustle and bustle.
  • Clouds end point, for a tranquilizing sunrise or sunset.
  • Try visiting during the Autumn festival organized by the Govt. The festival is highlighted with the roller skating shows, theatrical plays and fireworks. (Dates are announced a year prior)
  • Bargain up to 50% in any market and for every product. They are all tourist hyped prices

Climate of Mussoorie-

  • Summers extend from March to Mid-June and temperature ranges from 8℃ to 26℃.
  • Monsoon extends from Mid-June to September having moderate showers. (avg raingall-89 inches)
  • Winters (November-February) can be extremely cold with temperature ranging from 2℃ to 13℃.

History of Mussoorie-

  • The name Mussoorie is derived from a locally growing shrub named ‘Mansur’.
  • Lt. Fredrick Young set up a hunting lodge on camel’s back road. Later this hill was a summer home for homesick Britishers.
  • On 20th April 1959, 14th Dalai Lama along with other Tibetan refugees took up residence in Mussoorie. One year later they shifted their capital to Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh.

Culture of Mussoorie-

  • People- As per 2011 census, the population of Mussoorie is 30118. The locals are known as Garhwali’s of which majority are Hindu’s followed by Muslims and Christians. Garhwali people are famous for their honesty and joyful nature.
  • Languages- The official language of Mussoorie is Hindi. Garhwali is also commonly used by locals. People in tourist contact can often use English.
  • Festivals- Autumn festival is famous amongst tourist, Nag Panchami is celebrated in the Nag Deva Temple, Phhol dei is a picturesque flower festival in the month of March or April.

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