8900 satellites are rare!

A telescope was set in the corner of Grand View Hotel, located on the edge of Dalhousie. Tejas(name changed on purpose) had done all his set up, but was with no audience, as people were hungry and ready to miss a rare event about the happen. It was nearly a full moon night probably just a day before full moon. Tejas waved his yellow sleeved hand at us and called us for star gazing.

Tejas was well prepared for the night with his equipment on the bench of the Garden and a half sweater for the chilly night. He introduced us to various constellations with his laser trying to draw outline of the shapes they made. This continued with some mediocre questions from our end, for which he was already prepared by other tourist asking same ones. Now he adjusted his telescope to Venus and we took turns to view through it. With all exciting visible planets and stars done, he now focused his device on the most seen object in the night sky.

Star gazing at Grand View Hotel.

We had already completed seeing exciting objects in the sky and were now thinking of dinner menu. He was adjusting his telescope for quite a long and we were now losing interest. He suddenly got up and took a camera from his bench of equipment placed it over eye piece and started clicking. We lifted our head towards moon with the confidence that telescopes were for kids we could view this clickable thing with our naked eye. After about 10 shutter sounds, he called us and told us to look fast at what was out there.

I could see a tiny spot moving in the background of bright moon. That tiny spot was moving quite fast, all of us were not lucky enough to see it as it went passed the moon. Tejas’s face was now glowing more than moon but a slight pink, his natural skin colour. Tejas said this was one of the best things he had seen throughout his life in that dark sky. It was a satellite orbiting the moon. A tiny moving dot had made us and him happy and excited. He could not stop smiling and we forgot about our dinner as he was now sharing best of his experiences.

Later I searched, humans have launched about 8900 satellites in the space. 5000 still continue to revolve in their orbit out of which 1900 are still functioning. We are working hard to find about everything in nature from big bang to quarks in electrons. That information which might help us dominate and change the nature altogether. But this thought came as joke to me after watching the man-made satellite that looked not more than a tiny dot over the natural satellite. That tiny moving dot on the moon had also vanished within a few minutes.

We are a tiny dot in front of this huge nature and universe. It has its ways to vanish this tiny dot within a few minutes. But the nature was also kind enough to appreciate and project that tiny spot among 8900 others. May be because this one was revolving to protect nature by alerting humans of increasing pollution levels, huge forest fires, nuclear wars and many more. That’s why it was rare! And made everyone who could view it smile upon that memory for life.

Painting by- Ms. Devika Mahajan

” An experiment is a question which science poses to Nature, and a measurement is the recording of Nature’s answer.”

Max Planck.

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5 thoughts on “8900 satellites are rare!

  1. Too good Abhishek! Indeed it’s a rare event to see a satellite revolving around the moon. Likes the analogy of “tiny dot”!

    Keep writing.


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