A person showing his cherries in Pondicherry…!

The French town of India has a huge coastline. Within two days we covered almost all heavily crowded beaches of Pondicherry. Be it the famous Promenade beach facing the French colonies or the Auroville beach. Due to their fame, they are continuously huddled by the tourists. The peace of the sea waves and the calm of the warm sand is lost due to heavy tourist in-flow.

The hotel staff suggested us the silver beach or the Cuddalore beach, a 30mins ride from our hotel. They told us it is quite secluded from tourists and against its name has a nice golden spotless sand. With driver’s confirmation the next morning had been booked for the Silver beach, Pondicherry.

After a lazy late breakfast, we started our 30mins ride towards the peaceful, serene silver beach. The peak office hours made us listen the tunes of horns, some whistles and a few shouts from Rikshaw drivers. 50 minutes later, we reached the end of road. Still, approx. 300 metres away from the shore we parked our car. The walkway towards the beach had a few stalls of coconut water with snacks and one stall of beach clothes and toys. This was a positive sign of scanty people on the beach.

The panoramic view of beautiful golden sand could not fit in our eye as it was spread across the large C- shape of the beach. The two ends of that C seemed to be at infinity; such huge was this beach. The board outside had informed us that we were about to enter one of the largest beaches in Asia and second largest on Bay of Bengal Coast.

Silver beach (Courtesy-Shutterstock)

With two small groups of foreigners at the entry we chose to walk away from the semi-nude men & women of those groups. My mother thought it was not a good example for us. The golden sand was perfect for the mid noon sunlight. The reflection from the sand was not blinding, making it ideal for a walk through the waves of water and hair-brushing wind.

The warm sand sliding beneath our feet and cold water hitting the ankles, we were in complete heaven. We walked through this until they were almost out of sight. There were no human signs on this rocky side of the beach. So, we dived into the water at peace. It must have been hours till our father from somewhere managed to bring steamy hot Maggi and coconut water.

Secluded serene part of the beach.

Till we dried up ourselves the Maggi was out of steam and was now dry like us. Still we were excited to eat our favourite ready to cook item. Before we could take the first bite, we heard something move from behind the rocks.

A man almost 6ft tall came out completely nude and with all the dirt. My mother seeing the nude man immediately closed my younger sister’s eyes with her hand and made her look in opposite direction. He ran towards us, stumbling at every step. We panicked, picked our stuff and ran away keeping our untouched Maggi there itself.

While running I was still looking at the man, he was eating our Maggi with both his hands and emptied the coconut in no time; half-drinking, half-spilling. The foreigners mean while saw us running and immediately came to us for help and offered us water. Now my mother was thanking them with smile on her face and guilt in her mind.

My mother chose to avoid semi-nude foreigners and we landed up closing eyes and running away from a completely nude Indian. The silver beach was a witness of the quote, ‘Running from truth takes one deeper into darkness’. Like every other place, Silver beach had also taught us something.

Digital Painting by- Ms. Arpita Rokade.

“Running from truth takes one deeper into darkness

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2 thoughts on “A person showing his cherries in Pondicherry…!

  1. “Running from truth takes one deeper into darkness“! very well put in one sentence the entire episode


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