Dharamshala stadium under attack!

Dharamshala is famous for being the capital of Tibetan refugees and many other tourist places like Bhagsunag waterfall, St. John Church, war memorial and most importantly for a cricket fan like me the famous HPCA (Dharamashala) Stadium. First on the day’s list was his holiness the Dalai Lama’s Temple, as it was near to our hotel. As mentioned in one of the earlier Wanderfulltale, the atmosphere outside his holiness the Dalai Lama’s temple was a bit tensed and alarming due to China’s rule over Tibet. The Tibetan refugees are being kidnapped for protesting against China. Despite this, the Dalai Lama temple or the Namgyal monastery is always flooded with tourists around the world.

Similarly, famous is the Dharamshala Cricket Stadium. Cricket fans can never miss that view: The white capped Dhauladhar ranges creating a magnificent backdrop for Dharamshala Cricket Stadium (HPCA), the clouds playing peek a boo with the mountains, the red pagoda stand is highlighted in light blue sky. God knows how the players concentrate on the game and not on this beautiful view. The green grass though is very welcoming for the players.

Dharamshala stadium (Photo courtesy- Hindustan times)

I was sitting in a blue colored chair. I could visualize the India vs West indies ODI (West Indies tour of India 2014), a total of 330 set by India, Kohli getting run out in the last over. I could hear the chanting “Kohli, Kohli” followed by claps of 23,000 people. What a match! The Indian team had left their blue colour on every chair in the stand I suppose. The stadium was really bleeding blue.

Kohli in Dharamshala.

Amidst the Kohli, Kohlicheering in my mind I could now hear a buzz out of nowhere. It gained back my attention to the present but still could not find the source of this buzz. The buzz was only getting stronger and now everyone looked in each possible direction. Suddenly my mother shouted, “Khali vaka magun mashya yetayt” (Trans: Everyone just duck there are bees coming from behind.)

All the tourists ducked immediately many of them were not even Maharashtrian to understand my mother’s Marathi. It was like Honey bee’s antenna which can sense a bee stinging smell and consider it as danger even when they are flying. The tourists without knowing the meaning of words sensed danger and were now under the blue chair.

The bees took two or three rounds of the stand, just like the spider cam but instead of rising up and waving we were now just ducking down. They just seemed to be highly furious and determined to take revenge of the person who made them loose their home. After about two rounds they went in the direction from where we had entered the stadium. Now everyone was back to their feet and leaving the stadium.

The colony of bees till then might have reached the Dalai Lama temple. Maybe they wanted to learn how to live calmly and spread message of love and spirituality despite being forced out of their home. Or maybe it was a lesson for all the monks and tensed Tibetans outside the monastery that, united they can scare off anyone. Both had something to learn from one another all they had to do was just observe each other.

Digital Painting by- Ms. Arpita Rokade.

“Even the weakest become the strongest when united

-Fredrich Schiller

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