Spotlight in the Sea on a pitch-dark night.

Standing on the walls of Raigad fort and listening to stories of the Great Shivaji Maharaj, my heart was filled with pride and bravery. This brave heart was soon going to cry with fear. The enthralling gigantic fort of Raigad was very hard to leave but sea lovers like us were also excited to reach Karde beach and dive into the sea.

A short 3-hour drive took us to the secluded Karde village. The hotel staff of silver sand was ready to welcome us as we were the only customers during the off-season. We got the best rooms which were just 3minutes away from the beach. This was the best thing and most awaited part of our trip.

Immediately after checking in, we first hit the beach. The symmetrically planted long pine trees along the walkway gave it a gravey look and the sound of whistling wind made it more terrifying. Though at the end, combination of Black & White sand made it extremely welcoming site.

11-year-old me was running towards the sea avoiding the sharp pine cones beneath, almost invisible on the black sand. Imagining the cones to be enemy soldiers I was moving through their lines like the brave Maratha soldiers. My bravery was immediately curtailed by a forceful pull from my father as I was about to enter the water.

Floating into the water we were able to watch the orange ombre of the sky till the sun had completely set and we were walking back towards our rooms. The faint scent of jasmine in the bathroom made us take a slow relaxing shower. Like the rising moon was our hunger rising every minute.

Two tables were arranged in the middle of courtyard with jasmine candles fluttering in air. We were served hot food with an exciting fact, “Sir aaj mangal pruthvichya sglyat javal asnare beach vr gelat tr Chandra nntr sglyat motthi disnari goshta mhnje mangal asel. Nkki bgha sir parat 11vrashat he disnar nahie.” (Trans: Sir today mars is closest to the earth and the second brightest thing in this sky would be mars.  Mars will not be this close/ for next 11years.) Gulping the coconutty, spicy food as fast as we could we walked towards the beach again through the spooky walkway.

Luckily there was no noise except the sea waves crashing on the shore. With my eyes downwards searching for any reptile movement. Mars, for me was no more an attraction. After a while, assured of no reptiles, I looked up at the completely star filled sky. My small eye was unable to fit in the innumerable stars, twinkling every second and the outcasted yet beautiful red planet.

After what seemed infinite time, my uncle told us focus on some suspicious yellow light in the sea. Our eyes immediately turned downwards to literally see a spotlight inside the sea. A perfect yellow coloured circle was glowing in the sea.

Our eyes were now checking for any light house or ship nearby which could throw light this far. But to increase the horror there was nothing to be seen around. I was now sure of it to be an UFO and had come here to take us with them to their planet. The scared me was now sobbing holding tight to my mother’s dress. Everyone, other than me was extremely curious and roaming away from me which made me cry harder.

My uncle now far away from me shouted for us and pointed at the sea. We could see something huge coming up from the sea. The extremely huge thing was not even fitting in our eyes as it seemed to be never ending. After about 15minutes the whole thing was out and now we were astounded by what we had seen, it was a huge submarine which just came out and was now on its way probably to some port. This was one of the rarest things which I have ever experienced on any of my tours and till date comes in front of my eyes.

The submarine was a classic example of what is the end result of facing your extreme fears though with tears. Spotlight in the sea was God’s way of showing believe in him and not fear in fearful times as some sunken wish of yours might come true just after 15minutes. One should not just run away or one might miss such a rare but amazing view.

“The only fear we need to fear is the fear itself .”

-Franklin Roosevelt.

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