Washing off the clothes of my sins at Rameshwar.

Kabir Das, the great poet and the philosopher has inspired me lately and now that I think of my past, I have come across multiple situations where in what Kabir has written has proved to be true. Our visit to the Rameshwaram temple was one such occasion I had multiple doubts in my head and now I have answers to all those things, thanks to the meaningful Doha’s of Kabir.

Agnee Teertham Beach, Rameshwaram.

We dipped our legs in the cold waters of Rameshwaram sea to start off our soul cleansing process. This is the exact place where Ram (God and mythological character) washed off his sin of killing a Brahmin (Raavan). Sea and wells of Rameshwaram have cleaned the sins many gods namely Agni (God of fire) as he touched Sita, Hanuman (Monkey form of God) with his ego and many more. 

Considering that if this water can wash off the sins of gods, we thought just touching this water can make us sin free as we are mere humans. There was something magical about the water as soon as the water touches the body one does feel light for some reason. We just splashed some cold salty water of the sea on our bodies as a ritual and went inside the Rameshwaram temple to take a bath in the purifying wells.

Rameshwar temple.

The temple offers paid service to draw water from the wells. The cost of the same is Rs.25 while taking these passes, I got myself a pass too. Immediately my grandfather asked, “You are just 12 years old what sins have you committed that you need a purifying bath.” Honestly, I had no answer to it but for some reason I wanted to be PURE.

Rameshwar purifying well.

The guide took us to the Shiva teertham the path to the well was all wet and slippery with sticky sand all over the place. It felt a little gross as our feet were getting all dirty and the slippery made it risky to fall in this muddy sand. I now was even doubting if the water we are taking was clean or not and was planning to back out.

In that dilemma, we reached the well and the guide drew buckets of water from the Shiva Teertham for us to bathe in. As soon as we emptied the bucket on our head for some reason instead of feeling gross, we felt heavenly. The cold, sweet water again had something magical in it. I immediately forgot about the gross sticky sand behind and was eager to walk down the same towards another purifying well.

Kabir say’s-
बुरा जो देखन मैं चला, बुरा मिलिया कोय
जो दिल खोजा आपना, मुझसे बुरा कोय ।।

(Trans: I started searching for the evil in this world, but I could not find the real evil.

             When I looked into my own mind, I found there is nothing evil than me.)

The guide took as to all 22 wells and by the end of it we I had completely forgotten about the gross sticky sand below my feet. I was now in a different world free of anxieties and happy with just the thoughts of all the sins I had committed in my life. The water like all the gods had made me realise the wrong things I had done in my life but just this realisation also makes human mind happy that, now I can get rid of these sins. All of the above-mentioned gods could only wash their sins as they got to know they had committed a sin.

That’s when I found the answer to the question asked by my grandfather. There were multiple sins I had committed even in that young age and needed a purification. 12 years later this was my answer to my grandfather’s question of what is necessity to wash of 12-year-olds sins. Its right from the young age one should be free from sins so that his old age will be of no regrets. Kabir’s Bhajan (edited) had given me this answer-

गयी रे जवानी आयो बुढापो,

कचे सूत में पोयो जमारो,

माया जाल मे खोयो ये |

(Trans: The time from youth to old has flown by. The beads of our Mala are sewn together so loosely that the thread may break anytime.)

Rameshwaram temple like its huge manors also has huge wells of treasure and some sand on slippery grounds flowing out the sins. That sand and slippery ground now also had my secrets of the sins committed.

Painting by- Aayushi Ramdham.

“Purification is nothing but cleaning the glass of inner lamp which hides your light”

-Annie Besant.(Edited)

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