Bikaner, Rajasthan, India.

Bikaner is the land of fabulous forts, marvellous palaces and glistering golden sand.  Travellers from across the world visit this place to explore the rich culture and heritage of Rajasthan.

Tourist Attractions in Bikaner-

  • Junagadh fort- Junagarh fort is one of the major palaces in the history of Rajasthan and among a few major forts that isn’t built on a hilltop. 
  • Karni Mata Mandir- Around 20,000 rats are seen in the premises and are fed by the devotees as they are considered to be very sacred and worshiped in this temple.
  • Ganga Singh Museum- A great collection of archaeological specimens right from Harapan civilization to Rajput’s armory. 
  • Bikaner Sweets & Snacks- A must visit place for all food lovers.

Shopping in Bikaner-

  • Kote Gate- Busiest market in the city offers a wide range of kundan jewellery, camel leather accessories, wood carved objects.
  • Station Road Market- Bikaner is a shopper’s paradise. One can find ethnic clothes, hand-crafted footwear and other daily accessories.

How to Reach Bikaner –

  • Nearest airport is Bhubaneshwar (60kms- 5hours 45minutes)
  • Railway station- Bikaner has its own Railway station. (10mins from city center)
  • Bikaner is well connected by road with major cities in Northern and Western India.

Best time to visit Bikaner-

  • October to March. (Winter Season)

Wanderer’s Eye Tips-

  • Kapil Muni Temple is a must visit place for all those who look for some silence and peace off the city life.
  • Karni Mata Temple is one of its kind mice temple which can’t be missed.
  • Food lovers would just stay in Bikaner forever for the Bikaneri Farsan and Bhujia.

Climate of Bikaner-

  • Summers extend from April to June and temperature ranges from 23℃ to 42℃.
  • Monsoon with light showers extends from July with heavy showers extending till October. (avg raingall-9 inches)
  • Winters extend from November to March are moderately cold with temperature ranging from 8℃ to 32℃.

History of Bikaner-

  • Bikaner, before the 15th century, was known by the name of Jangladesh and was under the rule of Rajputs
  • In 1486, Rao Bika, a Rajput ruler, built this fort and the city.
  • The for of Bikaner faced many invaders and was almost falling off until in 1818 Maharaj Surat Singh handed over the fort to Britishers who renovated it later.

Culture of Bikaner-

  • People- As per 2011 census, the population of Bikaner is 6.64 Lakh. The locals are mostly Hindu’s followed by Muslims and Christians.
  • Languages- Hindi is the official language of Bikaner. However, Marwari is the local language. The people catering to tourists can speak English.
  • Festivals- Camel festival held in January is the major tourist attraction. Gangaur festival is celebrated by the locals on the happy occasion of Shankar and Parvati’s union. Women get dressed in colourful traditional clothes and carry idols of Parvati over their head.
  • Art- Usta art also broadly known as Minakari work is the gift of Bikaner to the world. The fine delicate carvings be it on jewellery or architecture the artisans of Bikaner are experts to carve the details.

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