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Conflicting Current.

Nainital the lake district of Uttarakhand is named after the Naini lake. A boat ride in this lake is one of the major tourist attractions. Being a feisty tourist, we took a paddle boat. Within minutes we could see whirlpools forming, some a bit far but one of them was just beside our boat, ‘Is my life ending this way?’ I thought……

People fought for a customer to lose two….!

Charminar, Hydearabad

Hyderabad’s bustling area of Charminar is a test for your senses. Your eyes cannot capture the numerous colours of clothes, gem stones, jewellery and people. Your ears get tired of listening to police on speaker trying to maintain traffic on roads, roadside shopkeepers calling you, azaan and of course India’s most used instrument, the horns…..!

Maulshri’s vow.

Nurpur Fort, Kangra, Himachal Pradesh

The inside of Nurpur fort is mostly ruined, there are wells filled with hyacinth, dry grass on the ground and complete silence. There also is a temple where, idols of Meera Bai (devotee of Krishna) and Krishna are worshipped together. It was also once ruined and the idols were partly broken. Amidst all the ruin stands a contrasting lush green Maulshri tree (Spanish Cherry) almost 400 years old……

The never thought Dark night in Mukteshwar.

Mukteshwar, Uttarakhand.

Our Hotel room bell rings at exact 6:27pm. With tired legs my sister goes to open the door not knowing what was awaiting on that side of the door. Rather no one in the room had even thought of what their night was to be….!

Mugged in Mussoorie.

Gun Hill view, Mussoorie.

Gun hill, is one of the most visited tourist spots in Mussoorie, Dehradun. A rope-way took us from Mall road to this Gun hill. A dozen of photographers surrounded us. Most of them wore black leather jacket for some reason. Photographers just started attacking us as soon as we stepped outside the rope-way station.

Monk’s Debatable Clap !

Dalai Lama Temple, Dharamshala.

As soon as we entered the Namgyal monastery, we received an applauding welcome with loud claps. Monks were seen in pairs in the courtyard with one monk standing and other sitting. Why were monks clapping so loudly and with such intensity? Why was a monk sitting down in front of the clapping monk? Why was the atmosphere so tense in the monastery?

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