Guruvayur, Kerala, India.

Guruvayur, a small temple town in Thrissur district sprouts around the centuries old Guruvayur temple. The shrine is heavily packed with Hindus and other tourist all year around.

Tourist Attractions in Guruvayur-

  • Gurvayur temple- A temple dedicated to lord Vishnu.
  • Punnathur kotta- An elephant spa holding around 60 elephants.
  • Chamundeshwari temple- The fiercest form of Durga is prayed in this temple
  • Chowalloor temple- The pilgrim town is also the host of gorgeous temple complex where lord shiva is praised.

Shopping in Guruvayur-

  • Temple area is the main market of the town and offers a variety of goods ranging from toys, souvenirs to copper utensils.
  • Coffee shops near the shopping complex sell authentic coffee powder at reasonable rates.

How to Reach Guruvayur –

  • Nearest airport- Kochi (80kms- 2hours 30minutes)
  • Railway station- Guruvayur has its own Railway station. (10mins from city center)
  • Guruvayur is well connected by road with major cities in South India.

Best time to visit Guruvayur-

  • November to March. (Winter Season)

Wanderer’s Eye Tips-

  • Wearing lungi (South-Indian traditional attire) by men and traditional dress or saree by women is compulsory to enter the temple. Foreigners are not allowed to enter the inner sanctum.
  • The shops around the temple mostly sell authentic and handcrafted items at reasonable prices and as tourists we should avoid bargaining.
  • Morning coffee (Kapi in South India) from the street side shops is a must try.

Climate of Guruvayur-

  • Summers extend from March to Mid-June and temperature ranges from 25℃ to 34℃.
  • Monsoon extends from Mid-June with light showers extending till November. (avg raingall-117 inches)
  • Winters extend from November to March are moderately cold with temperature ranging from 22℃ to 32℃.

History of Guruvayur-

  • The name Guruvayur is divided in to Guru which is Brihaspati and Vayu god which comes from mythological relevance which states that Lord Krishna asked two sages to take the idol from his temple in Dwarka while the city was being destroyed and establish it in Kerala. The idol of lord Krishna was brought by Vayu deva and Brihaspati and was placed in Guruvayur. 
  • Since the 16th century references of Guruvayur as Kuruvayur can be found.

Culture of Guruvayur-

  • People- As per 2011 census, the population of Guruvayur is 20,510. The locals are mostly Hindu’s followed by Christians and Muslims.
  • Languages- Malayalam is the main language of Guruvayur. English is also commonly used by the locals.
  • Festivals-Guruvayur Ekadashi (Eleventh day of lunar fortnight) has a special significance in the Guruvayur temple where pooja is held and offering is given to the god. Elephants stand around the kesavan statue at the entrance and pay their respects to the god.
  • Art– Guruvayur is the host to Chembai Sangeetholsavam which is a Carnatic Classical music festival. Mural souvenirs are also famous and are handcrafted in Guruvayur.

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