Jim Corbett, Ramnagar, Uttarakhand, India.

Jim Corbett National park, the birth place of Rudyard Kipling’s jungle book is just as wild as his stories. Ranging from valleys, flat green grasslands to marshy wet lands this jungle has everything for you.

Tourist Attractions in Ramnagar-

  • Corbett National Park- The oldest National Park in India is a residence of about 500 species of birds and 50 species of mammals.
  • Corbett Museum- The museum traces an entire timeline of how Jim Corbett a hunter turned to become a conversationalist and an entire National park being named after him. This museum holds his letters, other antiques and old photographs.
  • Garjiya Devi temple- Located right in the middle of Kosi, this temple is said to be marriage place of Garjiya devi. The temple built on a small mountain is the best spot to get a nice elevated view of the entire valley.

Shopping in Ramnagar-

  • Corbett Museum- This museum has a section which sells handmade rural items and small souvenirs.
  • Corbett souvenir shop- This is the largest souvenir shop in Corbett and thus is visited by most tourists. This is a fixed price store and thus saves you from the hassle of bargaining.

How to Reach Jim Corbett-

  • Closest Airport- Pantnagar airport (125 kms-2 Hrs approximately). Delhi is also a feasible touch point with good frequency of flights and decent connecting roads to Jim Corbett (Delhi airport to Jim Corbett distance- 230kms taking approximately 5hours 30mins.)
  • Nearest Railway station- Ramanagar has its own railway station (2 kms- 5mins approximately)
  • Jim Corbett/ Ramnagar is well connected by road with major cities in North India.   

Best time to visit Jim Corbett-

  • October to February. (Winter season)

Wanderer’s Eye Tips-

  • Minimum 3-4 jungle safaris are needed to have a rare spotting. Though if you are lucky you can find something rare at the first go.
  • Visit to Garjiya Devi temple is must for spectacular views of the valley.
  • Try finding a hotel/room which faces the Kosi river. The sunset and sunrise over the kosi river are mesmerizing.

Climate of Ramnagar-

  • Summers extend from March to June and temperature ranges from 17℃ to 39℃.
  • Monsoon extends from July to September having moderate showers. (avg raingall-28 inches)
  • Winters (November-February) can be moderately cold with temperature ranging from 8℃ to 25℃.

History of Jim Corbet National Park-

  • Jim Corbett is one of the oldest National parks in India. It was established in 1936 as Hailey National park.
  • Prior to its formation, the park was the private property of Tehri Garhwal princely state.
  • During the second world war, this National park witnessed a major downfall mainly due to extensive timber cutting and poaching.
  • In 1973 Project Tiger was started by wildlife conversationalist and this changed the all the rules of this National park as it was now open to tourists.

Culture of Ramnagar-

  • People- As per 2011 census, the population of Ramnagar is 97,916. The locals are mostly Hindu’s followed by Muslims and Christians.
  • Languages- Kumauni and garhwali are the local languages of Ramnagar. However, Hindi is also commonly used. People catering to tourists can speak fluent English too.
  • Art- Chholia Nritya is performed with the accompaniment of swords and shields, Chhapeli, Jhora and Bhangda are also performed by locals.
  • Festivals- Kumaon festival is celebrate with great galore in Ramnagar and along the banks of Kosi. This festival is celebrated in November and is followed by Vasantotsav in February in which people showcase their talents on a stage provided by state tourism department. Apart from this people celebrate regular Indian festivals too.

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