Maulshri’s vow.

Raja Basu Dev, while laying the foundation of the Nurpur fort said that this fort will protect the future of residents of Nurpur (Earlier known as Dhameri). Well, till date Raja Basu Dev is right. The fort now is surrounded by a noisy local vegetable and fruit market. The walls act as huge backdrop for this market with carvings depicting figures of birds, animals, men, women, children, kings, gods and goddesses.

The inside of the fort is just the opposite, it is mostly ruined, there are wells filled with hyacinth, dry grass on the ground and complete silence. There also is a place where, idols of Meera Bai (devotee of Krishna) and Krishna are worshipped together. The only temple in India which worships these two together, was once ruined and the idols were partly broken, but have now been restored and repainted.

Amidst all the ruin stands a contrasting lush green Maulshri tree (Spanish Cherry), almost 400 years old. The tree even though old, stands shadowing a few kids and their teacher. This was the best site inside the fort. Students were so focused that none of the tourists could grab their attention away from a small board placed on the trunk of the tree. Most of the students were busy writing something in their notebooks and few others on their slates. The teacher in his late 30’s seemed confident and rambled on, not feeling any need to check the student’s notes. The teacher seemed to be struggling a bit as his Brown sweater had faded a lot and his footwear was now just a paper-thin layer between his foot and ground. The students, also were wearing bit worn uniforms and no school bag, instead a plastic bag was all they had.

Photo clicked on 3.2 Megapixel phone camera.

Despite their condition they seemed to be happy under the tree, learning to secure their future.

May be the Maulshri tree attracted them towards itself. The tree, I think, was following a vow it gave to Raja Basu Dev of protecting future of residents of Nurpur. Thus, despite its old age, it was motivated enough to give students a perfect place to study, securing their future.

May be this school was held to worship the idols. Posed as Meera Bai, the students were completely devoted to their teacher. The partly broken idols were now completed by this school. The fort no longer looked devasted but in fact was laying another new foundation.

Painting by- Ms. Devika Mahajan.

“The mind once enlightened with knowledge cannot ever become dark”

Thomas Paine(edited)

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