Nainital, Uttarakhand.

Nainital, the lake city of Uttarakhand is flocked with tourists all year round. The city provides excellent panorama of hills, lakes, temples and markets; all that a tourist wants.

Tourist Attractions in Nainital-

  • Lakes- Naini Lake, Bhimtal (24kms from Nainital), Sattal(45kms from Nainital)
  • Naina Devi Temple
  • Mall Road (Road on the banks of lake)
  • Tiffin top (Panorama view point)

Shopping in Nainital-

  • Mall Road- Pashmina shawls, blankets, woolens, Souvenir candles etc.
  • Tibetan Market- Clothes, cosmetics, Tibetan products like healing scents, massagers and many more.

How to Reach Nainital-

  • Closest Airport- Pantnagar which is connected only to Delhi airport (76kms- 2hrs approximately)
  • Nearest Railway station- Kathgodam (36kms- 1hr approximately)
  • Nainital is well connected by road with major cities in North India.

Best Time to Visit Nainital-

  • March-June (Summer season)

Wanderer’s Eye Tips-

  • Coffee on mall road is must, it tastes great in that weather. Be sure to throw used cups in the bin.
  • Bargain upto 50% in any market and for every product. They are all tourist hyped prices. Be careful with products from Tibetan market some of them may be duplicate.
  • Visit the small local market near Nainital Bus Stand for numerous shops of multipurpose knives.
  • Visit the Astronomical Observatory in the evening.

Climate of Nainital-

  • Summers extend from March to Mid-June and temperature ranges from 6℃ to 25℃.
  • Monsoon extends from Mid-June to September having moderate showers. (avg rainfall-65 inches)
  • Winters (November-February) can be extremely cold with temperature ranging from 1℃ to 15℃.

History of Nainital-

  • Mythological- It is believed that a grief stuck Lord Shiva (Hindu God), carried the burning body of his beloved, Sati (his wife) and roamed around the universe. Lord Vishnu, in order to get the Mahadev out of his grief and sorrow used the Sudarshan chakra and cut the body of Devi Sati in 52 body parts. The spot where Sati’s eyes (Naina) fell came to be called as Naini Tal or lake of the Eye.
  • The hill station of Nainital was formed only in 1841 when first European house was constructed on the banks of this beautiful lake.
  • On 18 September 1880 a landslide (‘the landslip of 1880’) occurred at the north end of the lake, burying 151 people.

Culture of Nainital-

  • People- As per 2011 census, the population of Nainital was 41,377 individuals. Majority of them are Kumaoni hindus. Their attire for women is Punjabi kurta or sari and for men long kurta and pahadi topi (Cap).
  • Languages- The official language of Nainital is Hindi. Kumaoni and Garwali are also commonly used by locals. People in tourist contact can often use English.
  • Dances- Chholia Nritya is performed with the accompaniment of swords and shields. Chhapeli, Jhora and Bhangda are also performed by locals.

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