Nurpur, Himachal Pradesh.

Nurpur, is a small city in Kangra District, Himachal Pradesh. This city falls in between Dharamshala and Amritsar/Pathankot and thus has grown to be a tourist stop.

Tourist Attractions in Nurpur-

  • Nurpur Fort.
  • Brij-Raj temple located inside the fort
  • Nagni mata temple

How to Reach Nurpur-

  • Nearest Airport- Pathankot (25kms-40mins approx.)
  • Nearest Railway Station- Kangra valley railway (5kms-10mins)
  • Nurpur is well-connected by road to major cities of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh.

Best Time to Visit Nurpur-

  • January to April and September to November (The temperature is mild all year round except in winters)

Wanderer’s Eye Tips-

  • Driver’s usually rush but keep some extra time to explore Nurpur.
  • Try the variety of fresh seasonal fruits lychee, Kinnow (type of orange), berries and many more.
  • Silk and Pashmina shawls are also famous but costly.

Climate of Nurpur-

  • Summers extend from April to June and temperature ranges from 21℃ to 44℃.

History of Nurpur-

  • The state of Nurpur was earlier known as Dhameri.
  • Queen Nur Jahan visited Dhameri and was impressed by beauty of the town. She decided to make it her permanent residence but local leaders found this a problem as Moghul influence would increase in the region. They devised a plan, advising the queen that staying in their town for a long period of time could spoil her great beauty because there was a fictitious local disease that might afflict her. This would avoid wrath of Mughal Empire.
  • It is said that after her visit the name of town was changed to Nurpur.
  • Nurpur reached its peak during the Raja Basu’s reign and was later under the control of Moghul’s. Ranjit Singh later took it from Mughals before British East India company took the charge.

Culture of Nurpur-

  • People- Population of Nurpur is 9807(2011 census). The literacy rate of Nurpur is 91%. A majority of population is Hindu.
  • Languages- Hindi is the official language of Nurpur. Kangri is the most used language in the region.
  • Art- Kangra school of miniature painting flourished in Nurpur. Most of the painting praised Gods or Kings ruling the state. These paintings are now sold by the locals.

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