Shegaon, Maharashtra, India.

Shegaon, is a pilgrimage center due to the presence of Saint Gajanan Maharaj. The village sees a lot of tourists from all over Maharashtra and part of Madhya Pradesh.

Tourist Attractions in Shegaon-
• Gajanan Maharaj Temple- The temple is the main attraction where Gajanan Maharaj took Samadhi (meditation state). The temple is very clean and has prasad (Food offerings) given free to all devotees.
• Anand Sagar- Anand Sagar is a manmade lake surrounded by spiritual and amusement zones. Anand Sagar has a very nominal entry fee.
• Char Dham- A rickshaw will drive you through the four laces where saint Gajanan Maharaj had spent most of his time and the places have very interesting stories behind it.

Shopping in Shegaon-
• The street towards the temple holds a lot of shop offering a wide array of products including religious goods, toys and a lot of sweets.

How to Reach Shegaon –
• Shegaon does not have its own airport. Nagpur airport is the nearest airport (290kms- 5hours 50minutes)
• Railway station- Shegaon has its own Railway station. (10mins from city center)
• Shegaon is well connected by road with major cities in western and central India.

Best time to visit Shegaon-
• November to March. (Winter Season)

Wanderer’s Eye Tips-
• Do try the famous Shegaon Kachori. Hot Kachori’s are recommended as they ensure the freshness of product.
• Meditation in the Anand Sagar is peaceful and recommended.

Climate of Shegaon-
• Summers extend from March to Mid-July and temperature ranges from 28℃ to 42℃.
• Monsoon extends from Mid-July to September. (avg raingall-22 inches)
• Winters extend from November to February with temperature ranging from 14℃ to 33℃.

History of Shegaon-
• Shegaon has a little-known history prior to the Saint’s appearance.

Culture of Shegaon-
• People- As per 2011 census, the population of Shegaon is 59,672. The locals are mostly Hindu’s followed by Muslims.
• Languages- Marathi is the main language of Shegaon. Hindi is also commonly used by the locals. The people catering to tourists can speak English.
• Festivals- Gajanan Maharaj Prakat din is celebrated with great pomp. Along with that Diwali, Ganapati and Eid are celebrated by locals.

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