Story of Sword.

We Indians like to decorate our houses with weapons for some reason. Antique looking swords are one of the majorly displayed weapons. I suppose it gives the feel of being a king or may be people are just against pen, thinking sword is much mightier. With similar interest my uncle told us to bring a sword from Punjab, the land of swords.

Right on the first day we went to find some sword shops in Amritsar. We found 3 shops very near to the golden temple. We chose the shop owned by a bearded man with his belly coming out of his navy-blue shirt, crowned with an extremely unmatching pink turban.

Typical Sword shop in Amritsar.

This person with no colour sense, upon our request of antique swords, started showing us extremely jazzy swords studded with fake gem stones and shiny golden colour. He had made up stories for all the swords, of how they were once used by some great king and how he bought them very cheap from a village.

Representation Picture.

Finally, we saw somewhat tarnished silver sword on the wall opposite to the counter. We removed it ourselves, it was the first sword which looked really antique, impressed with its carved design and overall look we were satisfied and asked for the price.

The very next moment sword was out of our hands on the counter. The words, “Sirji ye bas Rs.38000” had forced that drop.

We went back to the jazzy fake swords and chose one of them. He again started telling a tale, “Sirji ye talwar Thailand ke raja ko tofa bheja tha Patiala ke Maharajne. Lekin unke admi ko Thailand airport pe roka gaya or us beech ye talwar kho gayi thi. Fir vo kafi ghumke airline ne vapis Maharaj ko di thi, lekin Maharaj ke usul the diya hua tofa vapas nai lete. Bass airport pe gaye auction mese uthake apko derahe hai.” (Trans: This sword was gifted to the King of Thailand by our Patiala prince. But it got stuck in the customs on Thailand airport and was sent back. The proud prince never took back his sent gifts thus left it unclaimed and I bought this sword from airport auction.)

We were to immediately leave towards Dalhousie. After 20mins of untiring efforts, we were unable to fit the sword inside the dicky of our car. We were now bolted for 5hrs by the sword in our lap. After the extremely uncomfortable journey we decided to send the sword by post and enjoy the rest of the trip without anything in lap.

After a comforting night our next morning was set for the most iconic Khajjiar lake. We took the sword with this to the nearest post office and successfully posted the sword to my uncle. Now we were free to enjoy the whole day at khajjiar and the Kalatop wildilife sanctuary.

Khajjar Lake, Dalhousie.

The serene day was over and we were back to our hotel where our receptionists told us we had a parcel. Confused we thought it must be some surprise gift from our agent so we checked to find out our own sword given back with a note saying Indian postal services do not courier weapons without permission.

Now we were again stuck with the heavy huge sword for the entire tour. The whole trip was through extremely green beautiful hills and ended in the first planned city of India, Chandigarh. It was only our laps who badly wished for the trip to get over. Fate of our laps was not very great as our flight got canceled and a new flight was arranged from Delhi a 4-5hrs drive from Chandirgarh.

Finally, it was off our laps and onto the conveyer belt. Airplane was the transport type in the whole trip which was not fatal for our laps. Now we were back in Pune and braced ourselves for another hour of sword’s lap dance. But wait, where was our sword? Well, it never got on the plane. The airline gave us a receipt and assured that it will be delivered to our home and we need not wait.

Does the whole travel of the sword now sound similar? The sword travelled almost similar to the story of the store owner. The owner was surely faking the story when he sold to us, not knowing that his words had the power to come true. The sword now was definitely mightier than pen as it had told us what is the actual meaning of, “Speak false which you can handle if the life hits it as truth.”  

A Sword always leaves behind its trail.

“Speak false which you can handle if the life hits it as truth.”  


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